Timeline of my journey through uni, discovering what I liked and was good at..

First Year

Joined the Judo club. Weeks later the committee had to be reformed, I put my name in to be the treasurer.

We organised the trip to BUCS, got merchandise hoodies and rebuilt the society to 25 members.

In the meantime, I was involved in Model UN. Debating at King’s, Reading and Imperial, won two best delegate awards.

My course was great in many ways, but there was some space to improve. Persuaded the physics department to ____ (forgot, need to check again). Also organised some fun things (see picture).

I lived far from campus, with a bad bus connection. I ran for student politics to represent these groups and to put lockers on campus!

Second Year

Model United Nations. We organised a sponsored trip to Oxford as well as delegations to Imperial and King’s MUN!

Helping out in my role in the Students’ Union

Many, many hackthons! …even won a Nintendo switch hehe

Won a scholarship for a geopolitics course in Washington DC. Meetings at the Senate, State Department, Washington Post, Atlantic Council, IMF and World Bank.

Third Year

Over the summer I’d started helping out two bankers who were launching a startup.

Relaunched the economics and finance society