Hi, I’m Marco!

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Who am I?

A curious person 🇮🇹🇬🇧

Interning around Europe, I’ve discovered corporates are quite limiting.

Side projects: Youth community & Policy.

An overview of the principal experiences. See my CV at the bottom for a more extensive list.

Do I #MSH ?

You decide. Here are 3 case studies –

Relaunching a University Society

Studying at a non-target university means we don’t receive as many Investment Banking (IB) opportunities.

So, this November, I organised an IB workshop. From this, two economics students and I relaunched the then defunct Econ. & Finance Society.

In a matter of months, the society reached the semifinals of a UK uni. competition, organised talks with speakers from GS, VC and PE and hosted a 160 person dinner to rebuild the community.

Strategic Thinking

July 2019, meeting with officials at U.S. State Dept.

International relations is a passion. I started by exploring it by competing at Model UN conferences and within student societies.

In 2019, I’d been invited to the largest Mediterranean geopolitics conference and won a foreign policy scholarship to meet directors at the IMF, World Bank and other top institutions. 

From a concept to a money making startup

Interested by Investment Banking (IB) last summer, I started cooperating with a group of industry professionals.

Helping them develop their IB interactive-training prototype for both the student market and major banks.

I organised events at unis (e.g. LSE), created a virtual alternative product in light of Covid, hired & onboarded an intern and covered the business development to large banks alongs