Dear Elixirr

Hi, I’m Marco!

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Who am I?

A curious person 🇮🇹🇬🇧

Rugby fan. Politics afficionado. Judoka for a bit. Side projects in youth communities & Policy. Politics

My Goal

Learn how to tackle societal challenges (business is the most functional way IMO).

Interning around Europe, I’ve discovered corporates are quite limiting.

Do I #MSH ?

You decide. Here are 3 case studies –

Co-founded: Geopolitics Youth Network

with two other students (Tom and bea)
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Hosted events with UN, Westminster and German Foreign Ministry advisors.
Cross university network from UCL, Sciences Po and Bocconi.
Innovative Webinar format with 10% dropoff
Established partnerships with African and Atlantic associations.
Team of 12 volunteers.
Events with former UN, German Foreign Ministry and Westminster advisors.

Taskforce: G7 Youth Summit 2021

Planned 500 person summit, instead of the customary 30 national delegates. Over 1000 registrations.
Negotiated with UK Cabinet Office Officials egotiate triple funding.
Guests including…
Responsible for interfacing with Platform provider.
Weekly meetings with UK Cabinet Office Officials, to coordinate logistics, platform for the summit & negotiated triple funding.

Intern Community Building

Third monthly coffee meetup on the Terrace

Messaged all the interns and organised monthly meetups. Then evolved this into a 30 intern workshop at the global HQ, with funding from HR.

Workshop Video

Interns Workshop

Refining the internship experience. Structured 2 hour workshop in the HQ.

Analyst Intern Application