Founding: Cross-University Network

geopolitics & public policy

Students & Societies from UCL, Sciences Po and Bocconi. Organising interactive events (#noWebinars) and a community of ambitious students.

Hosted launch event with a former UN, World Economic Forum and Westminster advisor. Next one is on cyber.

Organiser: G7 Youth Summit

engaging young people in public policy

Strategic Thinking

July 2019, meeting with officials at U.S. State Dept.

Invited to the largest Mediterranean geopolitics conference and won a foreign policy scholarship to meet directors at the IMF, World Bank and other top institutions.

International relations is a passion

I started by exploring it by competing at Model UN conferences and within student societies.

Working with senior figures

May 2019, on the University Referendum debate stage.

I was the spokesperson for controversial position at University wide referendum and worked closely with the University CFO and Head of Strategy

Relaunching a University Society

In a matter of months, the society reached the semifinals of a UK uni. competition, organised talks with speakers from GS, VC and PE and hosted a 160 person black-tie charity dinner – we fundraised £500!

The story?

Studying at a non-target university means we don’t receive as many Investment Banking (IB) opportunities.

So, this November, I organised an IB workshop. From this, two economics students and I relaunched the then defunct Econ. & Finance Society.

My Experiences

Picture above – presenting at the 2019 Hamburg Air Passenger Conference. Here is a video of the whole thing.

A high level overview of some of my major experiences. I’ve also done significant debating and project work at hackathons which are highlighted on my projects page.
Me receiving a bursary (sponsored by PMI) for a foreign policy scheme in the US. Right is Eugenio Sidoli, MD PMI, Italy.

Leading teams at Hackathons

Competed at 6 Hackathons. Prizes in 3.

First Prize analysing Goldman Sachs API financial data at Accenture sponsored Hackathon. Parsed twitter posts and compared it to the stock market value of companies in relevant sectors.

May 2018

Air-Passenger Solutions Hamburg Conference | Developed indoor Bluetooth navigation system with user interface and business model. I presented it to a panel of industry experts from Airbus, etc.

April 2019

BCG DV Hackathon | Built digital passport & chat-bot to simplify charity operations based on feedback from DePaul charity mentors and leaders. I presented this to SVP’s from BCG.

February 2019


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After a meeting with the World Bank Director for Southern Europe, a celebratory picture before heading off to Philip Morris HQ in New York.

Get in touch!

Get in touch!

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