This is a list of projects I’m working on at the moment. These facilitate student opportunities and act as a stepping stone to build your future.

Let me know if you’d be interested in joining the team!


Finsimco Investment Banking training provider, there is a lot of work encompassing marketing, product and business development.

I’ve now been working alongside the co-founders for over 6 months, organising events at LSE, KCL and now leading the outreach to global banks.

If you want to be part of the team or have some thoughts – be sure to let me know!


Governance and policy issues are becoming ever more technical – let’s help STEM and other specialists to bridge the gap to policy and strategy.

In June 2019, Sir Patrick Vallance, gave a talk at Imperial and suggested this new course – that can fully address issues that go beyond humanities.

The ideation of the course is in progress but here are a couple of concepts:

  • Emulating a ‘law-conversion course’, this would be a policy-conversion course to transfer the skills and understanding of STEM to public policy.
  • Within technical departments and ministries (health, energy, etc.), this would serve as a ‘training course’, to provide technical leaders with a more wholistic toolset, network and perspectives.

Fenice Network

Many students won’t have an internship this summer – we’re providing internship opportunities through startups and projects.

The current state of affairs has brought a lot of uncertainty, and with it many problems that need solving. The fastest movers are startups, and some of them need all the help they can get.

We’re building a space to connect the two sides – so students can work on projects, acquire new skills and some financial compensation as well.

I’ve got a small team together but the task is large, as it is ambitious and I hope will span beyond just our uni.

Some of the students in your committee and society might be interested in helping to launch this – so by all means feel free to contact me here or on facebook!

If you think you’d like to be involved, share some perspective/advice or simply follow how this evolves let me know,

“What if students made the same money as working at the supermarket – but it also helped them directly in their careers.”

The principal topic areas for work are:

  • Tech
  • Marketing & branding
  • Sales & business development
  • Finance, account & admin

Italy Business Competition

Bringing case study competitions to Italian students. Involving firms and hot issues in industry, to train and provide opportunities to young Italians.

Reasons why firms sponsor student competitions:

  • Practice and normalisation of digital remote co-working
  • Recruitment opportunities for sponsor firms
  • Brand awareness opportunity
  • Improving core skills and exploring a vision for the future

Improving the Italian Government

Taking examples and good practices from abroad to improve how things are done in Italy. Some examples below.

Government recruitment is particularly bureaucratic, difficult and unappealing. Providing ministries with a graphic design team to create a portfolio of templates for most common job listings, updates and internal documents. We live in a digital age where perception and looks matter!

UK Atomic Energy Agency Leaflet


Italian Space Agency Leaflet


Webinar Series

Hosting conversations with interesting people, to understand what they did in the early stages of their life. The events are livestreamed so that the audience can ask their own questions and make this a community event.