Governments and Digital

What can be done to bring communication and governance closer to the end user?

Best practices collated in a single place.

Limiting misinformation by providing pre-packaged links for whatsapp,

Providing remote access to care, where possible, with digital or over the phone,

Boosting internet coverage to disconnected areas so that self-isolation is practical,

Create spaces for ideas (from the public, business, etc) to be collected and evaluated,

Partnering with digital companies to provide internet, entertainment and news to citizens for free,

Areas under lockdown in Italy have been offered free mobile-internet, tv shows and news platforms. This was extended to the entirety of the country.

Providing home-working services (conference calls, team platforms, etc) in collaboration with digital providers,

A comprehensive list of all the offers by tech companies including Microsoft.

Provide enticing, slick webpages to allow individuals to join the community and contribute (e.g. building APIs),

Government provided discount card for families with 3 or more kids,

Long-form declarations and statements formatted in clean, legible and engaging formats,

Ads don’t need to be complicated: with the right music, design and online targeting,

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The more the merrier. As I uncover more good practices, they’ll be appended here. Feel free to suggest any!