Guidance for a Webex Teams training session

Webex Teams

Each payed account can host 3 simultaneous calls. this is called the ‘call sponsor’ and is the account that set-up that specific team in the workspace. We currently have 2 accounts:


Hosting a total of 6 simultaneous calls. Note, a single user can only be on a single account at a time


  • Briefing room – all participants
  • Teams #1 to #6 – only that team’s members
  • Admin – only Finsimco staff
  • Negotiation Room – combined teams for negotiations

Note, in all rooms the entire Finsimco Staff team should be added as ‘moderators’. This is to keep track and cover any issues.

Before the session 

Create the webex teams and ask participants to install webex teams.

when the session starts

 Check how many team members are present, by reviewing how many members have read a message in the chat (post a welcome message as the session starts). If there is an imbalance, shuffle people around by contacting them individually

Backup plan (call issues)

create google hangouts calls 

  • explain and drop a link in the team chat
  • invite and you will have to admit all team members as they attempt to access the call (try to change security settings on google so this is not necessary)
  • leave the call, and it will continue running so long as people are on the call

During the session

As the event runs online it is important to show host presence and guidance. Keep track of teams who ask for help.

if you need someone else to solve the problem, let them know you are getting help. Every five minutes they are waiting, check in if to mention, “some other teams are facing the same issue”.

It is very easy for team members to get lost or stuck on an issue. This is particularly painful for the User Experience at the start of the session. Give them about 10 minutes to figure things out and then check in. 

Key timings to check in on teams (mentoring rounds) are: at the 10 minutes from the start, middle and 20 minutes before the session ends. 

Example of a mentoring round:

  1. how’s it going? (help with the session)
  2. so what do you study? (couple of minutes to make it personal)