Superpowers: walking the walk

Examining the interventions of the major powers around the world, in particular China.

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China in the Public Sphere

After surpassing a peak in published daily cases, the Chinese government has turned it’s attention abroad. FT article

Twitter banner of the Chinese Embassy to Italy
Illustrations of Sino-Italian support
Image circulating Italian social media, see the original post.
A subtle, but present seven dash line.

Economic ties and the perception of Europe
Offering liquidity, with clear market share implications.
Presumed caption – A resurgent China replaces an idle Europe.

Chinese Officials sharing conspiracy-like theories
In mid March, several senior Chinese officials have taken to twitter. They share articles suggesting that the U.S. is at fault for the virus. This one is written by Larry Romanof.

The European response...

A week after blocking medical supply exports, Germany has sent medical equipment.

The American response...