Coronavirus: Best Practices

Putting together initiatives by governments and private entities around the world in response to the pandemic.

Prevent hospitals from being flooded by people with telemedicine

Facilitating telemedicine to prevent hospitals being overwhelmed by mild Corona-cases,

How much testing should we do? Bill Gates explains...

An excerpt from a TED discussion,

The UK created a ‘fresh-ideas’ portal – sorting ideas from the public,


Germany is organising a hackathon to address the challenges. Expect fresh ideas and practical outcomes,

Where countries are imposing strict quarantine, Instagram stories and post can be analysed,

Limiting misinformation by providing pre-packaged links for whatsapp,

Partnering with digital companies to provide internet, entertainment and news to citizens for free,

Areas under lockdown in Italy have been offered free mobile-internet, tv shows and news platforms. This was extended to the entirety of the country.

Providing home-working services (conference calls, team platforms, etc) in collaboration with digital providers,

A comprehensive list of all the offers by tech companies including Microsoft.

The more the better. As I uncover more , they’ll be appended here.