Dear Elixirr (of opportunity)

Hi, I’m Marco!

As a curious person, I enjoy exploring and learning, with people & across disciplines.

In my free time I’ve explored what has interested me in areas from industry projects, sales, PR and strategy

An overview of the principal experiences. See my CV at the bottom for a more extensive list.

Do I #MSH ?

You decide. Here are 3 case studies –

Relaunching a University Society

Studying at a non-target university means we don’t receive as many Investment Banking (IB) opportunities.

So, this November, I organised an IB workshop. From this, two economics students and I relaunched the then defunct Econ. & Finance Society.

In a matter of months, the society reached the semifinals of a UK uni. competition, organised talks with speakers from GS, VC and PE and hosted a 160 person dinner to rebuild the community.

Strategic Thinking

July 2019, meeting with officials at U.S. State Dept.

International relations is a passion. I started by exploring it by competing at Model UN conferences and within student societies.

In 2019, I’d been invited to the largest Mediterranean geopolitics conference and won a foreign policy scholarship to meet directors at the IMF, World Bank and other top institutions. 

From a concept to a money making startup

Interested by Investment Banking (IB) last summer, I started cooperating with a group of industry professionals.

Helping them develop their IB interactive-training prototype for both the student market and major banks.

I organised events at unis (e.g. LSE), created a virtual alternative product in light of Covid, hired & onboarded an intern and covered the business development to large banks alongside the CEO. We delivered training to the interns of our first client, a major bank, last month.

How will you make a positive difference at Elixirr?


Between my international background and personal initiative, I’ve grown to enjoy connecting the dots, in everything I do –

Leading cross disciplinary teams in hackathons, exploring foreign policy and a touch of branding experience (between societies and my sales role).


A fantastic platform to jumpstart your career” says the analyst role posting. I like to think of it as a launchpad. I’m serious about working hard to build a quality rocket.

While past performance is not necessarily a good predictor of future success – mindset and execution are.

In buzz words, I’m – Adaptable, open-minded, analytical & creative, and using every chance to learn. And to have bit of fun.

New Ventures

In your IPO listing video, Stephen Newton described clients asking for more breadth in expertise. One day this may include opening energy and public policy practices. When you bring in partners for those areas, I would love to support them – making use of my experience working alongside the founder of the IB training provider.

Feel free to get in touch –

+44 7754 702348

Need to see more?

Industry team projects

Feb. 2019, BCG hackathon at their London Office.

At hackathons I would form a team with people I’d met on the weekend, and tackle challenges in unfamiliar industries (O&G, Finance, Travel, etc)  – winning 3 prizes. I’d often be presenting our team’s final product to SVPs and industry experts (from GS, BCG, Accenture, Airbus, etc). 

Working with senior figures

May 2019, on the University Referendum debate stage.

I was the spokesperson for controversial position at University wide referendum and worked closely with the University CFO and Head of Strategy

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