Dear Deepmind

Hi, I’m Marco!

Growing up on four continents has made me a curious person,

Perhaps because of this, I enjoy working with different people and across disciplines. I like helping people

For me it’s always about finding better ways of doing things and improving myself. When I find a rocket ship, I take any seat I can in it. This opportunity would allow me to build towards becoming a chief of staff, helping the leaders of the most exciting ventures.

Four Core Experiences

Organising Student Societies

Leading student societies involves organising events (e.g. a 160 person charity dinner), negotiating for funding (obtaining +£400 from Uni. heads of departments for an Investment Banking event) and working at a high pace managing multiple pipeline projects at once.

Industry team projects

Feb. 2019, BCG hackathon at their London Office.

At hackathons I would form a team with people I’d met on the weekend, and tackle challenges in unfamiliar industries (O&G, Finance, Travel, etc)  – winning 3 prizes. I’d often be presenting our team’s final product to SVPs and industry experts (from GS, BCG, Accenture, Airbus, etc). 

Working with senior figures

May 2019, on the University Referendum debate stage.

I was the spokesperson for controversial position at University wide referendum and worked closely with the University CFO and Head of Strategy. Also interfaced with directors of IMF, World Bank, etc during a foreign policy scheme I won a scholarship for.

Business-critical Product Transformation

Within a startup, I transitioned their product (a week long training programme) to be entirely virtual, covering their communications, event registration and other logistics. I also lead on the business development & sales side – we delivered training to the interns of a major bank in July.

Feel free to get in touch –

+44 7754 702348

For a full list of experiences please view my CV.