My application to BayWa RE

I’ve spent my time at university creating opportunities – figuring it out, adapting and multitasking – and I loved the challenge.

Here are some examples…

An Overview of my Experiences

Strategy, Sales & more – working with the CEO

Last summer I met two Investment Bankers who wanted to innovate training at banks.

At the time, they only had prototype. One year later we trained the summer interns at a major bank.

I developed the product, organised trial events at unis (e.g. LSE), created a virtual alternative product in response to Covid, hired & managed an intern, and established contacts at large banks alongside the founder.

Industry team projects

Feb. 2019, BCG Digital Ventures hackathon at their London Office.

At hackathons I would form a team with people I’d met on the weekend, and tackle challenges in unfamiliar industries (O&G, Finance, Travel, etc)  – winning 3 prizes. I’d often be presenting our team’s final product to SVPs and industry experts (from GS, BCG, Accenture, Airbus, etc). 

Strategic Thinking

July 2019, meeting with officials at U.S. State Dept.

By exploring policy and IR in my own time, I’ve been invited to the largest Mediterranean geopolitics conference and won a foreign policy scholarship to meet directors at the IMF, World Bank and other top institutions. 

Market Analytics & Insights

During a summer internship at a Tech Mobility startup, I analysed datasets from across the UK to identify and classify market opportunities.   

Building a community

Studying at a non-target university means we don’t receive as many Investment Banking (IB) opportunities.

So, this November, I organised an IB workshop. From this, two economics students and I relaunched the then defunct Econ. & Finance Society.

In a matter of months, I led the society to reach the semifinals of a UK universities competition, organised talks with speakers from Goldman Sachs, Venture Capital, and Private Equity and hosted a 160 person dinner (fundraising £500 for charity).

Working with senior figures

May 2019, on the University Referendum debate stage.

I was the spokesperson for controversial position at University wide referendum and worked closely with the University CFO and Head of Strategy


Bilingual English & Italian

Advanced French

Beginner Portuguese

Attempting Mandarin

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